Emily Funkhouser

Photographer / Videographer

Emily Funkhouser

Photo by Rebecca McCarn.

My name is Emily Funkhouser (but I go by Emily Rose in my social media, youtube, and photography world). I have been in film production since I was 15 years old: working with my father on commercial shoots, weddings, and short films. Throughout the years I learned how to work a camera, edit videos, light shoots, and sound record. I fell in love with everything camera related.

My unique eye for video shots turned into taking pictures for friends and family... then taking pictures for friends and family turned into taking pictures of EVERYTHING. That’s when my love for photography sprouted and it has continued to grow every single day since then.

Eventually I created my youtube channel as a personal creative outlet for all my travel stories and video ideas. I continue to post (at least) monthly on my channel. When I’m not doing sub-contract work, I am traveling, filming, taking & posting photos, or probably eating Indian food.

I always thought when you became a photographer or videographer, you had to focus solely on engagement and wedding shoots, but after entering the photography & video world I quickly discovered that wasn’t the case. I don’t have to jump on any train I don’t want to. I’ve found that, though I do enjoy weddings and couples sessions, my sweet spot is just finding a rhythm with the person(s) I am photographing/videoing and capturing the moments that mean most to them. That being said, check out my gallery and don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions. Tell me your vision and what kind of photos or videos you desire and let’s make some magic happen.