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Hi everyone, this is Emily Funkhouser, creator of the EmilyRoseMade Youtube channel. Don’t know what that is? Click the Youtube button at the top and come back to this page after getting familiar ;)

I have been craving a bigger project for the past few months and that’s where this page comes into play.

Did you know that I never went to high school? Yup #homeschooled

I never got the experience I desired as a teenager: Lockers, Classrooms, Prom, and all that fun stuff.

I was telling my friend about how I feel like I missed out. I said I wish I could go back to high school, except this time do it right, even if it’s just a day.

He told me “Em, it’s not like movies, you can’t just go back to high school.”

A light bulb went off.

Watch me!

I thought: Why can’t I go back to high school?! and why can’t it be JUST like the movies?! A musical and everything!!

After much research: finding a cinematographer, locations, actors, props, so on…. I discovered this won’t be a cheap project, especially because in movies about high school there’s usually a dance number, a convertible, music, a graduation ceremony, and… you get the point: All things that cost money. That’s where we need you!

I wanna give you that cinematic feel, while also showing the humor and rawness of high school. I don’t want to give away too much of the video, but let’s just say it may or may not be just like the movies ;)

Let me break this down for you:


Get incentives for giving towards something awesome, doesn’t get much better than that.

Incentive Tiers


We’ve got a budget

Budget - Can’t start production without it

  • Cost of location: The High school, obvs

  • Choreographer: For that musical I told you about ;)

  • Music Production: You can’t have dancing without music

  • Food: Anti hangry crew

  • Props: You can’t go to school without books, backpacks, caps and gowns.


This film has a strong female cast, incredible men, and local talents from the Redding California area, as well as Medford Oregon. What a project to be part of!

Don’t forget to check out the incentives on this page.

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